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Hello, hello!


I'm Eli! (they/them) I'm getting my MFA in Playwriting in Iowa City (but often commute to Chicago!).


When I'm not taking photos, catch me hanging with my dog Hazel, reading (see: buying books), or binging trash reality TV.

I'm happy you're here!

oh, hello!


Are we a good match?

Depends! I'm pretty upbeat - a big fan of listening to music while we work, chatting throughout the whole session, and showing you the shots frequently. I'd describe my editing style as warm and natural, with a tendency toward creams/vintage vibes. But you can take a peek for yourself to see if you like my edits!

If you're not a model, don't sweat it! I mostly photograph people who have little to no experience in front of the camera. We'll work together to ensure you're comfortable and the photos will reflect that. 

What'll happen during our session?

After meeting at the very cool, very aesthetically pleasing location that we've agreed on, we'll have a little chat to make sure we're on the same page. At this point we've already had a video consultation to discuss the specifics of the shoot. I'll explain everything that's going to happen so you'll never be caught off guard and you can let me know if there's anything that's missing from the plan. 

Then I'll put on some tunes and we'll get shooting! Although I want to capture you and your essence, I totally understand that the camera can restrict that. Don't worry about knowing how to pose or what to do. I'll guide you! Everyone is unique, so every session will be unique, but I'll work with you to figure out how best to showcase your own personality. 

I'll show you the photos throughout the shoot so you can decide what you like and what you don't. That way, I can continuously improve my approach and cater to your individual taste. It's really important that you come away feeling confident and excited about the final products!

At the end, I'll have you go through the photos and select some you definitely want to see edited. We'll take a few more if there's anything missing, and then I'll send ya on your merry way.

How quickly will I get my photos?

For portrait and engagement sessions, I'll send you the files three weeks after our shoot. For a small price (50 bucks), I can speed it up and do it within two weeks. 

For wedding galleries, you'll get 5-10 photos the next day (for immediate social media gushing!) and the rest of the gallery 4-6 weeks after that. 

I'll deliver them in a downloadable online gallery using PixieSet. 

Will you send me the originals in addition to the edited photos?

Unfortunately, no. The raw files are just a medium that I use to create the final product. Any publication or use of them isn't an accurate reflection of my work and could really damage my integrity as an artist, ya get me? 

What if I want something not offered in your packages?

Honestly, the answer's probably yes. Just shoot me a message! I'm happy to work with you to get you what you need. 

What if I'm not happy with the final products?

That's the last thing I want! If it's a problem with the editing, let me know what you're thinking and I'll try to adjust it to your preference. If you're unhappy with the original photos, we'll work something out. You should be excited to show people these portraits!

Do you travel?

Sure do! I'll add the airfare and 2 nights' worth of an AirBnb to your session cost. This doesn't apply if I've already traveled to your area and advertised shoots there. If there's no airfare involved, I'll add $40 per hour it takes to travel to you.


Quarantine left me with way too much time on my hands and no one to photograph, so enjoy the resulting self-portraits.



Shoot me a message!

I'd love to hear from you!

Hop on over to my instagram if you'd like to see more current work.




1 hour session

10 edited + retouched photos

2 outfits + background colors




1.5 hour session

20 edited photos 

1 outfit + 3 locations




8+ hour day

400+ edited photos 

from $2,600



1.5 hour session

10 edited photos 

1 outfit + location




1.5 hour session

30 edited photos 

2 outfits + locations



To be completely transparent, my prices are going to rise from time to time. That's because I need to adjust for inflation, for my increased skill, and for the new equipment I add to my collection (that ultimately makes for better photos)!

I'm not trying to gouge you or pull one over on you, I just need to keep up with the cost of living.

Thank you for understanding, and please let me know if you have any questions!

a note on pricing

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